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Add Search function into the Relation Tab pop-up Window

Status : Declined
8 months ago

It would be great when relating Entities in MF ALM Octane that there is a search function (not filter) so you can search by any data.

Currently, when relating entities:

1.  You click 'Add Relations' .

2. You select the Relating type i.e. 'User Story (Trace From).

3. This prompts the 'Add user story' pop-up window which has a list of all US.

However, to find the right US you would like to relate, you must scroll through the entire this and hope to find it. An alternative option is to use the filter, however, you will need to know the information of the entity which is slow and cumbersome.




  • Hi ,

    We aligned this dialog to have the same grid as in all our system

    Attaching a screenshot of how it looks today:


    Do you think it solves the issue? 

  • Hi  


    Thank you for the update. This is a usability issue which has impacted our users with diversity requirements.

    Therefore, it would be appreciated if this could be opened and reassessed.

  • Hi  

    We agree with you it's not that visible in that view

    though, today you can see this dialog in other view options like a regular grid and slim grid, and there the search option is more visible.


  • Hi  


    Thank you for the prompt response. Apologies, you are correct. I can confirm there is a search function available.


    However, I have not noticed this feature as the magnifying glass icon blends in the background. - Please see screenshot below.


    Therefore, would it please be possible to make this feature more visible i.e. this could be by making the Search field static with an outline, etc.


  • Hi  
    We already have a search box in the "Add relation" dialog - can you please attach a screenshot?