Idea ID: 2875518

Add support to AND condition for filter

Andrea Tipa Andrea Tipa
Status : Under Consideration

Today filters don't support the AND condition on the same field.

For example, taking the list of tests from a pipeline:

and trying to apply a filter to display all the tests except the ones with Class name=tools and Class name=Individual_PNR

Then the corresponding filter is created:

but at this stage, if I try to add the AND condition to not display Class name=Individual_PNR, the same field Class name is not available.

This is a big limitation considering that the same behaviour is applied to the filter widgets too.

Then, the applied filter is not linked to the selected pipeline but it applies to all the pipelines.. user has to remove the filter and apply it again, and this is very annoying .


      Thanks for the detailed use case, this makes perfect sense and might be available as part of our new filter design