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Add transition option to my workspace workflow - (add transition to the phase before)

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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10 months ago

I do not have the option in my workspace to Add / Change any transition anymore.

This now leads to the problem that if I add a new phase my transition back to the phase before is not possible. I need to step into the next phase and then I can go all way back to the metaphase before.


(Ticket SD00399997 - Workflow for US - No transtion creation possible)

  • The reason for limiting the workspace level workflow as it is now was due to a more restrictive approach as otherwise, a WS level admin could easily bypass the main flow entirely.


    Nevertheless, we will consider providing an option for a more permissive setup where transitions and phases can be added at the WS level.

  • Due to the fact that our workspaces differ in workflows, it's importnat to edit transitions per workspace, not only per shared workspace.


    SD02765006 - Unable to add/edit Transitions for workflows at a Workspace level

    Unable to add/modify transitions for workflows at a workspace level  ( for now , they are only added automatically based on the source phase )