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alert user functionality for manual runs

Status : Needs Clarification
8 months ago

we'd like to have an extension of the alert user functionality if a new run is planned and there's already a manual run open (not in passed, failed or skipped status).

the user should be alerted but not prevented from continuing.


we have many business users using Octane to eecute their tests and they don't regularly use the tool. having them creating several runs in different status for a single MT leads to inaccurate reporting and is linked to quite some maintenance on quality manager.

  •  I understand the issue but probably this exact behavior is a bit too specific to be implemented OOTB as part of the product. 

    I would suggest the following alternatives, please let me know if any of this helps

    Option 1
    Methodology wise, if possible, all runs that should be executed by business users should be planned in advance. And perhaps business users should not be allowed to create new runs at all.

    Option 2
    Achieve the required behavior via business rules.
    For example, add a UDF on test - "Has open run". Update this UDF whenever a run is updated via a webhook. Trigger an alert via business rules whenever run is created/updated and the test.Has_open_run is true, by setting some "are you sure" UDF on the run to required.