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Allow Document Report to export in Excel format

Status : Needs Clarification
Needs Clarification
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7 months ago

When generating reports using the Document Report functionality, it would be nice to have the option to export directly into Excel format, not just Word and PDF. When you export into Word format, it exports the data into a table anyway, so why not just export the same table data directly into Excel so users who want to be able to filter, sort, or otherwise slice and dice the report data can do it directly in Excel rather than having to copy the table from Word and then paste it into Excel?

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    When you create a document report you also have a title page, table of contents and the structure is hierarchical - something that would not naturally fit in an Excel format. How would you expect this to look in Excel?
    Also - are users using the export to Excel functionality in grids? This might help with many of the use cases