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Allow to modify subject of email notification

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over 1 year ago

We would like to modify subject of Octane email notification, so it's clear what's the notification about without actually clicking on it.

For example:

Current subject: Defect #295001 was updated

Desired subject: [Octane] #295001: Update: Improve service description file filter


  • Hi Pavel,

    This functionality is currently under development and will be available soon.

    we are planning to provide a way to customize email templates per entity.

    that should include customization of email subject (ability to add prefix including entity fields), changing email logo & footer and customization of email fields per entity.

    stay tuned this functionality should be available soon




  • Just few additional notes from other Octane user. I'm a team leader and I'm getting a lot of Octane notifications per day.

    What is the subject like this trying to tell me?
    Defect #287031 was updated - Octane Notification

    Who knows what Defect #287031 is?!
    I was able to add "- Octane Notification" suffix there. It is good for mail filtering only, but it brings next level of mess into the subject field.

    Then I have to open the mail and I see big random picture over half of my mail window

    If I compare it with old ALM notifications:
    [Defect 17109 ] Fixed: NRE when creating REST service
    then see significant step back

  • Hi Sigal,

    let me know once there will be something we can try. We are currently on the internal Octane instance (Micro Focus) version

    As for email subject I see it as critical. I'm getting about 10 notifications a day.

    Currently I need to do these steps to understand if I can delete the email

    1. Click an email
    2. Scroll the email content down as the initial picture is too big
    3. Read the body
    4. Decide

    I want to:

    1. Read the email subject
    2. Decide

    At least an entity name should be in the subject.

  •  we do plan to provide email customization which will enable you to control which fields are sent per entity and also change the header/logo and footer for all emails.

    As for email subject - we will open it for addition of prefix (such as [Octane] in your examples) and the ability to add workspace ID before the message sent by Octane. customizing the message itself is much more complicated as there many kinds of subjects depends on the notification sent by the system.

    Once this functionality will be available we would love to get your feedback.




  • : I would expect there would be a field like "Email Subject Template" and I would have several variables to my disposal, which I can use. E.g. {ID} {Entity Name}, {New Phase}, {Old Phase}, {Modified By}, ... and I could define the subject as:

        [Octane] {ID}: Updated: {Entity Name}

    which would render to for example:

       [Octane] #295001: Updated: Improve service description file filter

    If I could define conditions for different templates, it would be even better. For example:

    If phase was changed use this template:

       [Octane] {ID}: {Old Phase}-> {New Phase}: {Entity Name}

    For every other case use this template:

       [Octane] {ID}: Updated: {Entity Name}