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Allow users to automatically Follow all defects they create

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7 months ago

I've had a couple of testers grumble about the fact that they didn't receive notifications whenever the Phase was updated on a defect they created. I reminded them that they can click the button to Follow any item they want to receive notifications about, but they complained that they didn't want to have to try to remember to click the Follow button every time they create a defect. It would be nice if individual users had the ability to set an option to automatically Follow all the defects they create. (Obviously, I wouldn't want this to be one of those options that you have to either enable or disable for ALL users, because not all users are going to want that many notifications. It should be an individual preference.)

  • Hi  , I like the checkbox at the bottom of the Defect form. The problem with using a Business Rule to notify the defect author every time the phase on a defect changes is that it would apply to ALL users. I'm fairly certain not everyone is going to want to receive notifications every single time a defect phase is changed. Some people will. Some people won't. Hence my request for it to be an individual preference setting.

  •  proposed solution should enable this flow as user can check or uncheck Follow checkbox as needed.

      BTW, I think it's possible to get Follow like experience today using Business Rules to notify defect author of changes to defect and to allow users opt in to this functionality.

    To achive this, can add BR to email defect author every time defect phase changes only if user belongs to Role (with no permissions) like this

    Now every user that wants to be notified on defect changes can ask space admin to be added to this role and every phase change will trigger an email.


  • it's good to inform the owner the status of defects which they raise by default. If user is doesn't require they should be able to disable it as well. 

  •  would it have helped in we had check box in Add Defect dialog for marking the defect to be followed on creation and if checked this check box can remain marked for the entity type been created until unchecked, some thing like this (mock)

  • would be nice if such business rule could be created...