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ALM 12.53 not functioning with JDK_08_261 security patch upgrade

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Needs Clarification
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8 months ago

ALM 12.53 for Performance center stopped functioning with fatal error, once JDK has been updated with latest security patch versionJDK_08_261. The older compatible version is JDK_08_251. 

Feedback from MF Support team:

Hello Murali,

Thank you for your response.

From documentation it is noticed that  java 8.261 is a new release that was released in July 2020, the version deployed or tested with ALM 12.60 was with a Java version lower than java 8.261(in which Java 8.251 was a stable version tested with ALM.


The anomaly caused by Java 8.261, will be passed to the appropriate quarters and any update for the effective running of ALM 12.60 might be applied.

Since Java 8.251 works well with ALM, it is advised to remain on this version till we get an update for ALM 12.60.