Idea ID: 2774566

ALM Octane Chat Ops Integration with Microsoft Teams

Status : Accepted
over 1 year ago

Integrating with Microsoft Teams enables all stakeholders of a backlog item or a pipeline run failure to collaborate and communicate.

When working on a backlog item or a pipeline run failure, whether investigating, testing, or opening a defect about it, you may want to communicate with other users related to this item. You can discuss new or known issues, find out whether someone is handling the issue, prompt an investigation, or discuss changing the priority of an item.

Click Chat w/ Teams to create a Teams channel for an item or open an existing channel.

1. In a backlog item, click Chat w/ Teams in the Details tab. ALM Octane opens a Teams channel with this item's author and owner.

2. In a pipeline run's Builds or Tests tab, click Chat w/ Teams ALM Octane opens a Teams channel with all the users whose commits were included in the pipeline run.

3. If the administrator approved publishing ALM Octane data on Teams channels, ALM Octane sends information from the backlog item to the channel.