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Auto update of status of User stories according to the status of tasks

Status : Already Offered
Already Offered
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over 1 year ago

We could find there is way to automatically change the status of User stories, Features when the related entity changes by configuring the rules(dod) , we want the same to be achieved in other entities like Epic and quality stories as well.


Field Enhancements
  • Already requested by another Idea entry /adtd/alm_octane/i/alm_octane_idea/possibility-to-set-field-value-with-option-when-related-entity-change-on-qs


    Anyhow, it is on our backlog, but no ETA yet for implementing it.

  • The title is misleading since we already provide the option to update status of user stories based on tasks, and you are actually asking for something different.