Idea ID: 2873845

Backlog Tree and Kanban-Release

Status : Under Consideration

We have a feature in our backlog for "Have the Backlog Module Tree reflect inner filter" which, once implemented, will allow excluding Epic (and features) from the tree also based on the inner filter of the matching grid.

There is no concrete plan for implementing this feature yet.

See status update history

If you have a release in Kanban mode (i.e. without sprints), the release usually goes over a longer period of time, e.g. 1 year. However, this also means for the backlog tree that you will still see epics / features in the backlog tree over the course of the year that have usually already been completed.
For this reason I suggest to add another filter, which contains e.g. the phase of the Epics/ Feature, for the restriction of the visibility of the backlog tree, which can be restricted so far only over the filters Release, Sprint, Milestone existing above it. This means that in the case of a Kanban release, the epics/features that have already been completed can also be filtered out in the backlog tree.


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