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Be able to update a manual run that already started with the latest version of the test

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

If a Manual test has updated (new steps added) after it has been:

  • Planned
  • Run and in progress 
  • Fail and need to rerun later

it will not include the changes:(

I think the latest version should always by picked as default

br jesper


  •  I think you may be referring to the case of a run that hasn't started yet.

  • I have noted down that this should be included in September I wrong?

    br jesper

  •   - For our big initiatives where we are implementing new platforms (JDA, SalesForce, etc.), we are going to use Planned Run as a way to communicate what needs to be tested and then track progress against those Planned Runs.  We are setting up dashboards with widgets to show the list of Planned Runs, the progress against it, any defects, etc.

    For smaller changes (change requests) we will have a dashboard to basically simulate the same thing.  So the business knows what tests they need to run and can see progress and defects linked to those tests and by application module.

  •  sure does...I do have opened an idea already with clearing planned test....but please add you comments on how to do it:)


    In your widget you then track planned test against pass and failed and when no more planned you have reach your target or? 

    The reason why I'm asking is that we have seen in some projects testers created many planned test and had problems understanding they should only have 1 planned for each release and run the already planned test not creating a new run each time. So I make sure to emphasize this in the test trainings.

    br jesper


  •   - I can see maintaining a large Planned Run could be a pain.  There needs to be a grid view that would allow for bulk delete or maintenance.  Sounds like a new idea. 

    I have a widget setup to view all of the Planned Runs but you still have to maintain them one at a time.