Idea ID: 1795166

being able to rename or delete tags

Status : Under Consideration
over 2 years ago

Sometimes, users make mistakes when creating tags, the workspace admin should be able to rename or delete them.

I know it is doable using the API but it is not in the GUI.


  • Hi Tali,
    I am in CP9 and the automated deletion on tags seems not to work
    I have an unused tag which have not been deleted since yesterday ...
    A simple way for the admin to be able to delete a tag is still needed because if you want to suppress a tag that is related to 500 items, you are not going to delete them manually from the 500 items before you can hope the system get rid of it so thank for your answer.
  • Hi Yann, Currently we dont allow deletion of tags since it contradicts the notion of user tags - if i as a user created tag i would not want someone to delete it. i do understand the error issue. Today in Octane if a tag is not related to any entity it is deleted automatically after 30 minutes. That said, because we understand the need of many companies to manage the tags we do plan on introducing system tags that will be managed by the admin or whomever has permissions. Thanks, Tali