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Business Rule - Copy value from another entity

Status : Accepted
2 months ago

Currently, without webhooks, it is not possible to copy values from other entities using business rules. Scenario example: Default Defect Responsible (a field in the Epic/Requirement or Application Module) to be passed to a defect.

This is possible through webhooks. However, webhooks are not perfect. Because the value is not entered directly in the creation mask. Only after saving is the event of the type "Create" triggered.


Business Rules
  • Thanks , I now updated the status

  • This idea is still in the status "Needs Clarification". Is there anything new when you said you were considering implementing this function?

  • From my point of view, everything should remain the same, except for the fact that I can copy the values from other entities (cross).

    Your comment gave me the idea that one should also offer the cross fields under Condition in the same breath.

    Regarding the scenario you described: Not necessary in our situation either, as we actually only have a 1 to 1 relationship in our projects. In my view, this could be done via the conditions. Of course, this would not be ideal for many application modules. But I can't think of anything better at the moment. 

  • we are indeed considering to add this functionality (being able to copy a value from a linked entity).
    How would you expect this to work if there are multiple linked entities? For example, if you are linking the defect to multiple application modules, which one of them should the owner come from? Maybe the owner should only be copied if it's the same for all linked modules?