Idea ID: 1673876

Convert defect to user story and the reverse

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

It would save a lot of time and rework if we could convert a user story to a defect when it was raised incorrectly and aor the reverse as both occur at times.


This would avoid also old records showing incorrect in search results as it at times gives the impression of work being completed when you search for defects when it was actually also raised as a user story as teh defect was closed after being raised in error.

  • The one who is converting will be the new author? this should not be the case!

    Is this an error or by design?

    br jesper

  • Available from Octane 12.60.47 (CP10) for non-sync use cases

  • Please add the " just be aware that it will not work if you have a synchroniser enabled." to the What's new and/or documentation please. This is not clear until you try to use it.

    Users have been very interested in seeing this feature and dissapointed that it doesn't work. I cannot find any documentation on how to fix  or enable this.

  • This has now been implemented and we're using on SaaS.

    It's so wonderful to be able to submit an idea in a semi-public forum and even with only 4 votes have it implemented.


    Thank you!


    NB: for anyone else who is looking forward to this SaaS or on prem just be aware that it will not work if you have a synchroniser enabled.

  • Great idea since our ALM users tend to use defects to track everything from requirements, ideas, change requests, and other "tasks" because that module is so flexible. 

    Importing ALM defects into Octane AND also having the ability to then convert them to stories - or even features / requirements will really help.