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Copy Workspace

Status : Accepted
over 2 years ago

Should be possible to:

Copy workspace to another location..

  • Isolated workspace to other Isolated workspace
  • Shared workspace to other Isolated workspace


  • Use this for testing out functionality with needed data
  • When a workspace within a shared workspace has the need for doing more changes which cannot be done within the shared workspace limitation



Shared Space Management
  • We have a business need to Copy/migrate Workspaces from one space to another.

    Business reason:

    When we started we choose a topology design based on what we thought would work here, we have since thrown it out. But cannot rearrange our workspace/Space’s to match our new Topology, I would have thought this would be common for new implantations of octane in complex environments.

    We have a Space that we use for training & Pilots, a primary Space and various isolate spaces.

    Some of our Pilots have decided to go to production with their use of Octane. But as our Primary Space already has multiple Workspace in it We have no way of migrating the “Team C” Workspace from our “Training& Pilot” Space to our Primary space.

    We also have Workspace that get created in isolated Spaces due to process or security reasons. In the case of a tender evaluation, once the tender is chosen the Workspace no longer needs to be in the Isolated Space and need to be able to work with the other spaces in our primary space. We can foresee this will be needed multiple times a year.

    Technical information:

    We design our space to minimize maintains of Octane for our small team of Administrators/support staff. As so a lot of information is defined and maintained at the space level (shared Application modules, Shared releases, etc).

    As workspace do not contain the “space shared entities” exporting a workspace will not work for migration to a new workspace. Relationships will be broken or misaligned.

    We need a solution where in the Admin manage workspaces screen I can select a workspace and then start a migrate to Another/new space option. This could be another button alongside these buttons “add workspace/delete workspace/Edit workspace” or an option in the “Edit workspace” dialog.

    This Button would triggers a process that checks the shared entities in both spaces. Then presents that admin with a list of all shared entities, with the follow selection options for each item:

    • Source WS/Space Shared entity created as a Workspace level Entity
    • Map Source WS/Space Shared entity to an EXISTING WS/Space shared entities in the new WS/Space.
    • Source WS/Space Shared entity to be created as NEW spaced space entity in new WS/Space.

    This is becoming a very urgent need for our site.


    Our use case is that we use a single isolated space for all of our workspaces. Our projects serve clients. When the client project is over and a new client project begins a new workspace is created. Ideally the new workspace could be built with a preconfigured template so that our projects don't have to set up the same configuration over and over and over again. We have no interest in copying data only configuration.

    I understand that shared spaces has functionality to support this, however due to the multi-tenancy of our Octane instance we deemed shared spaces not suitable for our security, maintenance, and provisioning needs.


  • Hi,

    If you want to push the same customizations and data (requirements, tests, defects, users, ...) into Octane workspaces you could also try the ALM Content Packs: 

    I'd suggest you try the CCPA version since it contains much less data than the GDPR version. You'd need to replace the regulatory and demo content with your own data.

    Since this workaround is much more work than a simple export / import this is usually only feasible if you want to rollout a template many times.




    If the current import tool were extended to do initial customization checks prior to importing the data, this might assist in providing functionality where there are either no, or the same customization applied to both target and destination.

    Another way to achieve this would be to export and customization for that workspace and apply it to the exported workspace as a 'workspace level' customization as a part of the export process.

    You could also warn that the target spaces' customization will be applied to the workspace when merging the data into the new space. You could then run an update tool over the workspace to uplift the contained metadata to align with the new shared space. Similar to the way you update the DB schema during the upgrade process.


  • Hi ,

    This functionality is not available in Octane and with no ETA yet.

    The reason i asked to specify the use cases is to understand whether we can suggest alternatives to answer your needs.

      - If this is required for testing needs, such as creation of staging environment, i guess you can use the built-in solution we have recently added to Export/Import space (with all its workspaces data). You can use this option to create a staging environment to test the workspace you want to test within its shared space.

    hope that should answer the need.


    Moving a workspace from one shared space to another is very complicated as it will conflict with the new shared space customization which is not aligned with the workspace customization and might cause conflicts and data issues.

    we do plan to provide a way to export/import a workspace to the same shared space (mainly for backup restore purposes) but not to a different shared space.