Idea ID: 2875504

Create a new workspace with the customization of an existing one (same shared space)

Status : Waiting for Votes

Provide means to create a new workspace with the customization of an existent one in the same shared space. The new workspace should copy from the original workspace the user defined fields, business rules, entity workflows, entity forms and email customization, lists.

  • What happened to this functionality? while we create a new workspace, it should definitely hint to copy a new structure/template form a workspace (from shared space) or by default it created from the skeleton copy of the Space. it should also identify to copy the data/users too at the time of creation. since if we would like to clone a workspace, what options do we have now, rather travelling entire galaxy & hitting the dead end. I strongly vote for the cloning at workspace level. 

  • unfortunately, when we say "customization" you need to define what that means.
    like Frank i would like to be able to set some teams, some access, some Environment lists, programs, etc. as the template that I can use when handing out a new workspace, so that I do not have to manually align all of these values every time we deploy a new WS to another customer area.

  • This would be very helpful for us to use Workspace templates and to duplicate a Workspace to create a new "branch".