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Create a workspace as a copy of other workspace

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6 months ago

The workspaces have a folder structure in application module, requirements, ... to comply a customer's quality plan. 

Everytime we create a new workspace, it has to have this structure, so we need to be able to create a workspace as a copy of another.

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    thank you for your feedback.

    Copy workspace functionality to the same space is not support in ALM Octane.

    Can you share what is the use case for the need to copy an entire workspace (customization & data) within the same space?

    Customization of all workspaces should be aligned via the shared space customization and in case of a need to share entities among workspaces, we do have some shared entities such as Releases & Application Modules and that will be extended to more shared entities in the future.


    BTW - As a workaround you can export and restore the entire shared space, delete the other workspaces and remain only with the workspace you wanted to copy. the limitation is that it will reside on a different shared space.




  • HI Sigal;

    When copying a Workspace with data, we need the Workspace to be created in the Space / Shared Space that previously exists and is being used.

    The Workspace oringin will contain configuration and data that the copied Workspace will contain. 

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  • Hi  

    The best practice for aligning workspace customization and structure is to use shared space. within a shared space you can define shared application modules which can define the template structure per each workspace. As for requirements - Octane still do not support shared requirements but you can define the requirement structure in excel and use Import requirement functionality to align every new created workspace.

    Let me know if this answer your need