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Create Jira plugin which enables direct links to entities in Octane

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Would like to link to Octane entities direct from Jira



  • Synching entities between 2 systems shouldn't be solution to everything.....doesn't give any value at all! What do give value is fixing the defect!

    In our world we should always prefer to work in one system if possible.

    Synching defects two-ways is always a challenge and has to be followed up - new users has to be added on both sides, changes done on either side in fields and list etc......many reason why it might fail!

  • We have lot more complex infrastructure as some solutions are just maintenained in ALM and Octane and some in Jira. We don't want to setup synch just because of this.

    So a dynamic link within Jira to Octane would be very useful

  • As Yael stated the plugin is intended to be used in conjunction with some type of synchronisation tool.  An Octane defect is stored in Octane and a Jira defect is stored in Jira.  To link I would imagine some type of external tool that would run and would be able to update the statuses as needed. 

  • We have some products maintained in Octane and some in Jira

    If the core system (Octane) have a defect they might be blocking development in client which are maintained in Jira - we don't synch defects just because they are blocking/dependent since it's solved in Octane.....

    br jesper

  • Hi  

    Usually the assumption with the Jira plugin is that the work items are synced somehow and the users don't have to link manually. Can you please explain the use case you are referring to?