Idea ID: 2707317

Custom entity labeling for entry level editions and isolated spaces

Status : Accepted
over 1 year ago


Currently (CP11) entity labels can be applied on a shared space in the ALM Octane Enterprise Edition.

Most customers have their own combinations of terms, and need to be able to report using these in their management tool.

2 reasons why we should make this available for any and all ALM Octane users:

a) If we don't allow this for entry level teams, we can miss out on opportunities. Jira has grown from the bottom up as a team-focused tool, we need to be able to cater for this as well as the enterprise

b) It also makes it more difficult for presales to do a custom demo to a prospect. To use the customer's terms in a demo, we have to apply the custom terminology to our Presales EMEA shared space, which could affect a colleague's demo elsewhere.

So it would be great to be able to apply custom entity labeling to the entry level, team edition, isolated space users and not restrict it to enterprise edition and upwards.