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Dashboard: monitoring of tests status for an increment

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Needs Clarification
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6 months ago


It would be usefull to filter widgets or dahsboard showing te status of the tests tha need to be performed for a  dedicated increment.



  •  can you please clarify - do you mean you have these three options defined as Phases of the tests themselves? 


    The option looks good.


    However, the phases of 'No Run', 'Yet to be run' and 'Blocked' should also be included in the option, as testers and SM report on tests that are in this phase.  


  • Hi   

    Please take a look at this option and let us know what is missing

    We are working on a few improvements in this area so your feedback will be highly appreciated

  • Hello  ,

    Currently, I'm not able to check the status of my Manual tests for a dedicated Release.

    Also, like mentionned Robert, it will be also interesting to track the run which are passed, failed, blocked or not done.



  • We too have had our users comment on the desire for a widget to show test entities that are "Ready", but have not yet been executed.

    In ALM, this was visible as tests that have "No Run" against them.

    They are looking for something similar in ALM Octane to show in a single widget. They want to know

    • Count of tests
      • Grouped by status
      • Included in status is "No Run" or "Yet to be run" (but not planned)

    Currently, I cant see a way of achieving this, even with a custom widget.