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Dashboard report, showing overall test-coverage for user-stories/features for a release

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Needs Clarification
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over 2 years ago

Is there a dashboard report showing that all user stories are covered/or not by tests (both manual and automation)?


Dashboard Usability
  •  please let us know if the above worked and we can close this

  • Hi  

    Did you try the following?

    For features for example:

    1. Add a widget with Item type = Tests
    2. Leave "Run in release" empty
    3. Cross filter by Backlog Coverage->Release and Backlog Coverage->Type to get only features of specific release
    4. In Display choose to group by Backlog Coverage->Feature
    5. Check the "Include empty columns in graph" option to include features which are not covered at all

  • Any updates on this?

    Would like to be able to create Dashboard report showing 

    Test coverage pr.

    • requirements
    • features
    • user stories

    connected to a certain release

    • To identify where coverage are missing
    • To monitor progress in the test coverage over time