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Data access functionality - hide selected requirements and test

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over 2 years ago

Should be able to hide requirements and test (MT,QT,AT,TS) with same functionality (data access) functionality which is already available in CP8.

Use case:

When testing with customers/vendors they can work in same workspace without seeing our stuff. We can remove access totally to a module, but not certain reqs, test......

  • Looking forward to this

    What we need is hiding of 

    • Test steps
    • Test runs

    for certain roles...or preventing them basically from access the detail screen if possible - by clicking the Manual test id

    br jesper


  • Hi Jesper,

    Indeed support for Data Access per each entity is a very big agenda. this is because data access must apply throughout the entire system and relate to entity relations, all links coming to the entity, API's, Dashboard widgets etc.

    in the case of data access for tests it should include also hiding of runs as they expose the test steps. as you probably understand this is not an agenda which we can provide a partial solution for.

    However, we do consider the option to control hiding of a specific field - which might provide you the solution for the case you described below (hide only certain fields of a test like 'Description') .

    Data Access for Tests is planned on our backlog with high priority but with no ETA yet.




  • I see it might be a huge job for complete access control. ....

    Howabout making it possible to create a rule for Manual test which can prevent access to the detail screen (see steps, see runs etc)

    Some messagebox saying no access allowed based on some field parameter - similar to rule you can create if users try to delete a test. 

    br jesper

  • Any ETA on delivery of this? We need to be able to hide own MT for customers working in same workspace!