Idea ID: 2776715

Display Git Commit History Base on Pull Request

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

Currently Octane support build the relationship between the commit histories with the US. This feature is good.

From developer perspective view, we would like to see the pull request information and the relative commits from the US. We don't like to add structured comment messages into every git commits. This is against the agile development style which encourage commit code often and test quickly. 

The current workflow is good for small project which don't require to create pull request before check into the master branch.

BTW. If Octane can display the commit/pull request link that will be better. We don't expect to check every code from the Octane US page. Current it only display the link to each file. In the most of the time we need to see the whole content of the commit. 

Thank you.