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Enable Spell checking in steps (Petya)

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

Today spell checking is working for description but not in steps.

So the idea is to enable spell checking in Steps as well

No spell check in steps.jpg

Spell check on description.jpg


  • Spell Checker for Gherkin and Manual test scripts is now available on ALM Octane 15.0.60.

  • Hi  

    Not sure to which extent product managers will be able to share this constantly changing information but yeah, worth contacting them to see what can be done

  • Hi  and   - I see where you are coming from on ranking the ideas.  However, the way it is set now is that rank is determined by votes.  So if you really like an idea you see and you have already voted and think it's worthwhile, then you might want to recruit some colleagues to also vote for it so that the product teams readily see it rise to the top and see the value.

    Aside from that, what could be helpful is a monthly readout blog from the product teams with status update of what they are focusing on and what ideas are being considering.  At that point, then they might choose to take input on prioritization at that point.  I can work with the product team on that.  what do you think of this idea?

  •  Ranking of features in Octane is done based on dozens of different considerations, so not sure a ranking feature on top of the already existing voting feature would help. But I think perhaps a way to mark higher and lower priority ideas would be useful. 

     what do you think?

  • Great - but if I could choose I would prioritize this 2769321 - planned test should pick latest version .....

    Would be nice if I was able to rank the ideas created....?