Idea ID: 2747488

Expand Combobox list with Alt+Down key

Status : Accepted
over 1 year ago

It's handy that keyboard and hot-key support is generally very well implemented in Octane, so user should not switch much between keyboard and mouse while adding new defects.

One thing which is really missing - possibility to expand a combobox with a standard Alt+Down hotkey ( When user is starting typing being on a combo-field of a form - it should switch into "Type to search" mode and whatever user typed in should appear straight into filtering field. Thus user should not additionally switch to mouse and click on a drop-down icon.

E.g. Feature field:  




  • Enter key does work to expand, but it is not a UI/UX standard for such kind of fields.

    If you start typing with such active field - you lose the first typed in key (unless drop-down is already expanded).

    Another bug is if you typed in something, then closed the drop-down and then started to type in again - the expectation is that your typed in filter clears whatever you typed earlier and the actual behavior is the newly typed in text is appended.

  • Hi  

    I think you can just use Enter to expand a dropdown. Also when a dropdown is selected and you start typing, it opens automatically. Please try this and let us know if it works for you.