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Export history

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over 1 year ago

I am requesting to be able to export the history. This would help us because we could report on the number of times that defects change components and how long they stay with each component. 


  • Hi  

    The way to track value changes in defects field history is via the API as stated above. if you need help please contact Octane Support team and they can assist you get the data you need using the API.

    in addition, we have added few more OOTB capabilities that might answer your use case for example:

    1. Aging field for backlog items  - which count the number of days an item remain in teh same phase

    2. Defect Resolution time per phase - in which you can track how many days in average each defect remaind in a certain phase

    3. reopens - a field that calculates the number of reopens per a defect.



  • I am checking back on this - have you found a new way to easily export defect history?

  • Thanks. I'm not  familiar with APIs. Where in Octane would this code go? 

  • Hi Rebecca,

    we have provided an example for how to extract phase changes like getting all defects that were rejected before closed. the second example in this thread (for defect reopens) is already calculated by Octane in a new field called reopens.

    the script that use audit API and manipulate the data can be found here:

    hope this would help you build your own script using Octane API to manipulate history data.



  • The Activity Log will actually not help us since it doesn't show what the fields are being changed to, just that they are being changed.


    How can I set up the Octane API to get history?