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Feature automatic filled out when raising defect from running a Manual test

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

When raising a defect from within the Manual run the defect window doesn't fill out Feature = Backlog

Users has to fill this out manual - the build-in functionality should match the ordinary defect window

br jesper

  • Available from Octane 12.60.60 (CP11)

  • We're going to fix this so that 

    - if there is a single feature that we can fill (test is directly or indirectly linked to a single feature) we will fill it in

    - if not we will fill in the root as the field value

  • Agreed, I noticed that Octane seems to use some version of a "breadcrumb" approach when creating records.

    Navigating from an Epic > Feature > Story > Test > Defect (or some variation) higher level values get added automagically to the lower level record creations.

    Creating a record, any of the above, by jumping directly to a story for example from the top level - none of the hierarchy values get defaulted into a new record. I suspect a defect added during a run, since that launches and runs externally (?), doesn't inherit or have access to a "breadcrumb" path to load those values.  

    Not sure if that's how it works but I've noticed that only by stepping through down through the structure to get to a new record do we get the defaults.  Just guessing based on experience here but that's what I think is happening. 

  • I see you point there!

    But the case is that the defect functionality acts differently if:

    I create a defect from within a Test run and

    if I create a defect from the defect module

    ....feature is automatically filled out with Backlog when creating a defect from defect module, but not from a test 

  • Question: Is it possible to have a test that applies to multiple stories that could also cover multiple features?

    I'm not sure how the hierarchy is setup but it could be that the test, and any resulting defects, might cover multiple features / backlogs and not be a straight line one to one default. 

    Interesting questions, not sure if my reasoning is sound but something I'd like to test out when I get a few minutes.