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Indicate Active Tab Within SETTINGS > SITE

Status : Needs Clarification
Needs Clarification
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8 months ago

When navigating to SETTINGS > SITE, it would be nice to know which tab is active.


Steps to illustrate:

  1. Go into SETTINGS > SITE
  2. Click any tab within SITE, such as USERS. The tab displays an underscore to indicate it's selected.
  3. Click SETTINGS > SPACES to navigate away.
  4. Click SETTINGS > SITE to navigate back.
  5. The USERS tab displays by default because that was our last selection.
  6. However, there is no underscore on the USERS tab, so it's not obvious which tab is being displayed.


We had a user that was showing the Shared Space column in the USERS tab. They thought they were in the SPACES tab and were worried because they saw duplicates.

Again, would be nice to have some indication of which tab is selected (underscore) by default.



  • It already works like this in latest Octane version.
    Unless it's a bug that reproduces with specific reproduction steps.
    I tried above mentioned flow and it works as expected and there is underline under curently selected tab.

     if you have any thing to add to above instructions, please reply and I will try that as well to see if there is scenario where it does not mark currently selected tab.