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LDAP configuration: optional fields

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Needs Clarification
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7 months ago

Hi all;

We have integrated Octane installation with LDAP, but not all the users in LDAP have configured an email in LDAP, so we can't import those users.
We expected to have the same behaviour as in ALM.NET, the mail is not mandatory and we can import all the users we need.
We are migrating from ALM.NET to ALM Octane and we are using the same LDAP. We can't request the customer change the LDAP configuration to be able to integrate with Octane. Octane has to integrate with LDAP.

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  • Hi  ,

    Can you please see the comment above and let us know if this request is still relevant?



  • Hi  

    It is essential that every user will have valid email address as many of the activities in Octane including sending of entities, mentioning and notifications to users.  the fact that email is mandatory should prevent a situation that some of the users do not have email and therefore cannot get notifications or receive sent entities from other users. how would you manage these users?