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Let users suppress email notifications

Status : Delivered
8 months ago

I'd like an option in the user profile to suppress all email notifications. Currently only email notifications for mentions in comments can be disabled (by individual users). Notifications ought to be optional, particularly since there's no simple, reliable way to identify many of the Octane notification emails and so no easy way to create automated rules to filter them in the MUA (email client).


  • Hi  

    In the latest Octane release (15.1.20) we have added a way to customize email body including adding a prefix to the subject. The addition of prefix to the email subject was designed to answer similar requests from customers asking to be able to identify emails coming from Octane for using automated rules to filter them for the right folder. 

    You can now define a prefix like [Octane] for all emails coming from Octane and the users can use the mail system rules on these emails.