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link a run to a sprint

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over 2 years ago

Today, a run can be associated to a release and an environnement.

Manual runs can be associated to a sprint but a new run on a new sprint of the same release overwrites the previous run so we cannot maka a difference

Automated runs cannot ba associated to a sprint at all which is needed.

When running a test whether manual or automated, we need to know on which release and sprint it was run.

  • yes, I saw that but in any agile projects in the world, we have releases and releases are split in sprints and tests are run during sprints


  • Although this is not the request here i would like to notify that in 15.0.20 we added the support of linking a run (manual and automated) to a milestone.




  • Hi, The fact that the milestone is a specific instant and not a time frame is the reason I need to have a link to the sprint which is a time frame :-) In releases and cycles were time frames and run were tagged on releases and cycles. The need for the sprint is because a release time frame is often too long with many versions of the product that we can handle with a release sub-division => thus the sprint.
  • Hi,

    We are working on providing the ability to link runs (both manual and automated) to milestones. This will work similar to the way runs are linked to releases today.
    The idea is that you will be able to report also on milestone quality, meaning measure the quality of the deliverable (and not the sprint, which is a work time frame).
    Please let me know if this makes sense and if you think it can help in the use case you described.


  • thanks for your reply and ok for manual tests but still, we need the same system for automated tests