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Make a Required system Field Not Required

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Would like to create a rule to make an existing required field Not required. 

Use Case: We have a team that currently uses Jira for User stories and defects. We are creating a one way link using the synchronizer to copy Jira User Stories to Octane. We don't want to bring over the Jira Status because there are way too many and they don't fit within the Octane phase theme. However, when I configure the synchronizer link, since Phase is a required field, I have to map it and I have to map all Jira Status values to the Phase values.

I would like to be able to create a rule that says "Make Not Required". Then I could select whatever system field that was required and make it not required. In this case "Phase".


  •  Generally speaking business rules apply regardless of the fields that are presented in the form

  •  I used a run to set up a default value. But, is there a much efficient process to make System field Optional from required. 

    BTW, there a option to make Required from Optional. But, not optional from required. 

  •  , does the default suggestion also work if the field is not present on the entity's forms?

  •  have you tried the solution of using rules to provide default value ?

  • All,

    I had a similar requirement where I need to make "Featire" field in Defect Module as Not required field. I though to create a new ER. But, found this thread on going. So, Im voting for it and adding my note as below: 

    Currently, ALM Octane does not allow to make Syetsm required fields like Feature to make Not required. This field is not use bu my QA teams. So, they do not want to see it in Defect Module while creating a new defect and also while creating a they are in Run screen to create defect. Thus, I would need to make "Feature" field as Optional.