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make reference field required in business rule

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

Reference fields are not able to be made a required field in business rules.


  • Hi  ,

    Currently, we don't have plans to support every field from the beginning to be used in the business rules. If there are specific fields you need to be supported please share with us.



  •  this is the general approach, there are some cases where we release field to be used in forms and grid before we release ability to use that field in buisness rules becasue that requires extra validations before we can release it.


    We don't have an exhaustive list of fields at this point. Ideally we would expect that all fields offered on a form are able to be used in the business rules, regardless of their usage by the system on the back end.

  •  I checked in next version to be promoted to SaaS currently been tested, assuming no issues found, you will be able to create rules for manual test to set covered requirement field to read only and required.

    If you have examples of other fields you are missing today, please let us know and we will check plans and status.

  •  we're on the SaaS solution.

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    May 12, 2019 12:27:22 PM