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Management module - add Application modules

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Needs Clarification
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8 months ago

Should be able to add - Application modules column in overview and in Filter


When we have 150 active releases we need to be able to filter somehow - current filter options is useless. Folder structure similar to ALM would also be nice - but need more options



  • Would be nice if Application modules could be added as a you can sort releases pr. application modules

    Eg. we have a workspace where we maintain around 30 different each have their own Application module as well as submodules. The each have their own Release stream

    So creating udf's is not really the idea - would like to reuse existing fields.

    Isn't udf on release to be delivered in feb release?

    br jesper

  • Hi  

    Do you mean you would like to link releases to application modules?

    Or would UDFs on release be a good solution too?