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Manual Runner - option to pin to foreground

Status : Needs Clarification
over 2 years ago


When running a manual test in Octane, it would be good to be able to pin the Manual Runner window so that the tester can easily switch between the test and the AUT without losing focus

Requested by a customer during a demo last week




  • Hi  

    One screen for both Manual Runner and AUT.

    I think they are Windows 10. Is it not possible to add this pin to the Manual Runner toolbar so that it's done within ALM Octane as opposed to working if and only if the tester is running Win10 and sets this up in Win10?

    They tried Sprinter and the feedback was that it is "too heavy". They want a quick way of running manual tests from within ALM Octane. Tbh I always find Sprinter demos well, but although all of my customers would be aware of it, I have more customers not using it than using it. 



  •  if you can clarify,

    how many screens does tester use ?

    is tester using manual runner and AUT on same screen ?

    which OS is tester using, in Win 10 there is support for pinning windows on same screen to right or left side of the screen, it it's possible to pin manual runner on one side of the screen and AUT on other side of same screen.

    Did tester try using Sprinter for more immersive testing experience