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Manual test (one file) formatting

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

We were talking to one of our users yesterday about Octane as their team was evaluating it for future use. The one complaint was that she didn't like the format in Octane for manual testing (one file) and she much preferred the format in ALM /QC where you could have your test steps separated into different fields.

The enhancement request is to have an option for manual test cases to create a "Legacy Test Case" in Octane that mimics the Step Name, Description, and Expected Results fields in Quality Center.


  • Here's the reality. If you used the migration tool, or some utility that exports test from QC and puts them into Octane format, it's easier just to import all test steps as validation steps. when you do this and then run the test, the look and feel is now more like what it is in QC an it seems to make more sense to the newer users. Once they adapt to this format they'll be fine. However, the request still stands as a quick/better way to extract tests from QC and import them into Octane.

  • Our users also preferred the tabular format like ALM QC, any comments?

  •  , I think yours is a closer representation of what they're looking for since it most resembles what they do today in QC.

  •  great :)

    Which one of the formats above (  's or mine) would they prefer?

  •  , yes, this was originally my post as a support ticket a while ago. They were looking for a QC like look and feel for manual test cases as you've mocked up above. They really wanted the tabular format. This would also make it much easier to export test cases from QC and import them into the "legacy" format in Octane.