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Modify Email Notification Sensitivity

Status : Needs Clarification
Needs Clarification
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9 months ago

The ability to modify Octane email notifications to be less sensitive to api hits that don't result in changes to the data or fields. Currently I receive email notifications for fields that are part of an external sync.  The api is hit, but no data is updated so microfocus doesn't update the history or data in the UI.  This results in email notifications telling the user something has changed when it hasn't really. 

  •  if there is no change in the field values, notification should not be sent. Did you try submitting a support ticket? 

  •   The email says "Changes were made to an entity you're following" then shows the 2-3 fields effected by this external sync.  There is no actual "change" of data, what I believe is happening is that the API is hit on the back end for these fields so that causes Octane to send an email notification.   There are no actual "changes" for these fields so the history doesn't reflect any data changes either. 

  •  when this occurs, what do users see in the notification email? Do they see any fields that were changed?