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Octane database reference

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over 2 years ago

Please provide database reference to understand more how Octane store data in DB backend and we could build report with DB.

  • The DB structure is not planned to be described\exposed.

    For external reporting needs, we support both REST API and ODATA (which is a designated API for reporting).

    Moreover, as part of our roadmap, we are planning to start and support an OOTB document report generator.


  • Hi

    In ALM Octane the DB structure and schema is not supported.  There are a number of reasons for this but mainly it is due to the fact that we can change the internal structure as we need to as well as store data in ways that might not be understood easily.  In addition to this we use the Elastic Search DB to store data as well so not everything can be retrieved by the Oracle/MSSQL server.

    We are more than happy to help with OData and the REST APIs and are sure that you can get all the necessary data using them.

    Spencer Bruce

  • Hi Yael,

    Thank for your advice.

    I understand that we can build report with OData, however, we are more interested to see/understand the source data model first because we are in the process of designing data warehouse model for ALM source.

    So the database reference is great document that we expect to have.



  • Hi  

    I would advise to use the REST API or OData API for reporting instead of directly querying the DB. Octane DB structure is not guaranteed to be backward compatible between releases and we do not recommend to access it directly.
    Please see these links for more information on the APIs

    Please let us know if there is some information that you would like to extract which is not available in the API and we will check if it can be exposed.