Idea ID: 2819702

Octane Document Generator - Extended Customizable Header & Footer

Status : Waiting for Votes
9 months ago

We need more functionality for the header and footer within the document generator.

As discussed at the idea 2801097 the given header and footer functionality does not support our needs adeaquate enough.

Perfect would be the full functionality which is given in word.

As an example:

For the header have the company logo on each page, also date, document name, free definable fields, field values from Octane (nice to have). See also attached screenshot.

For the footer: document name, page number, free text fields. See also attached screenshot.

In gernera it should be possible to define columns (xxx | xxx | xxx) and rows within the header and the footer. In addition have different header and footer for the first page and then for all other pages.