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Octane Document Generator - Table of Contents

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Status : Needs Clarification
11 months ago

The current table of contents / structure of the generated document in the Octane Document generator is missing two features:

1) the sections can't be numbered 

2) the sections can't have subsections


A good document should look like:


1) Introduction

1.1) Purpose of this document

1.2) Scope of this document

2) Test Assessment

2.1) Test Execution

2.1.1) Test Execution Summary

2.1.2) Test Execution Details

2.2) Defects..



  • Dear  ,

    Two of your requests listed in this idea already delivered. 

    Child sections (available from 15.0.6) and Custom free text sections (from 15.1.60).

    Can you please edit the Idea to include only "Support Numbering in the document generator", and I will change the status to waiting for votes.

    Thank you


  • Hi  

    Looks like this idea encapsulates 3 different ideas:

    1. Child sections - this is available from 15.0.6
    2. Custom free text sections - there is a separate idea for this which you opened
    3. Numbering, which is indeed missing currently.

    Would you like to modify this idea to focus on the numbering specifically?