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Online help - "Did You Know?" - add video snippets

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over 1 year ago

Could we add short video snippets to the online help? This could be under the heading of "Did you know?" or something like that. Some people don't hunt through the manual for answers but if we started putting short clips of useful tips up, they may discover things they had assumed ALM Octane didn't do. 

Often, with a new product, people don't get to find the best way of doing something, and they miss out on functionality that they assume is not there. For example:

- "Can a story be automatically moved to 'Done' when it's child tasks are all done" (example video attached)

- "Is there a way to show similar errors in pipeline job failures"

If we had a "Did you know" section, with 1-2 minute videos showing how to do some of these things, it would be very useful to new users of the platform. 


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  • Hi,

    Thomas Koeppner has several good videos for Octane and other topics on his YouTube channel at

    And of course you could add my GDPR Content Pack video 

    We could also invite other users on that page to propose other videos they like.



  • Thanks

    Some of the ones that get a good reaction for me as "Did you know" moments in demos are:

    - the 'Group By' button - eg group defects by status by owner

    - (related) the 'Cluster' button in a pipeline run, showing how to get similar failures so that you can quickly isolate a common issue in a job with thousands of test runs

    - Feature Planning board with the dependency issues highlighted

    - My Work view

    - ADM Marketplace, maybe show the OData template

    - (related) MF Connect Core as a free download from ADM Marketplace, with a clip of an integration (eg Jira)

    - clip of an IDE's ALM Octane plugin with a commit

    - show traceability using a manual test run. During a test run, raise a defect, then show the new defect is automatically linked to the test run in it's relationship diagram

    - Clip for a particulary useful widget to explain it's significance - eg Control Chart, Quality by Appln Module, etc.

    - Business rules showing eg moving a story to done when all child tasks are done, or stopping someone from running a test if related requirements are not signed off (a good one for QC customers looking at ALM Octane)


    Happy to help further if needs be



  • I do like this idea.

    We will start off a 'Did you know?' area in the help for cool usability tips.

    We need your help though. Please reply in this thread with questions or ideas that you think should be covered in such a topic. We will do our best to include them.

    Time permitting, we'll include also short 'show me' videos for the more intricate processes.