Idea ID: 2830509

Option to disable progressive search

Status : Needs Clarification
8 months ago

Progressive search - where the page makes async XHR requests with the partial string and updates the search results as the user enters data into the search box - is one of those terrible pieces of UI candy that were popularized by AJAX proponents but adversely affect the UX with minimal benefit.

Because I work on an intercontinental team, I have to use the European Octane tenant from the US. Latency is not good. That means every time I search for something, I have to wait 10 seconds or so while the results jump around displaying useless partial matches until they finally settle down. It's visually annoying, it significantly slows data entry down, and it makes searching much less efficient.

It would be really nice if there were an option to just disable progressive searching entirely. I've never found it at all useful and it's a significant UX impediment.