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Prevent certain roles from accessing attachments in MT

Status : Needs Clarification
Needs Clarification
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8 months ago

When creating test with attachment which contains personal information or other sensitive information we would like to prevent access to these attachments for certain roles.

Suggestion is to add "View attachments" in addition to Create, Edit and Delete attachments in which gives you the option to prevent certain roles from viewing attachments.


  • Thanks looking forward to data hiding of MT's - if it will work the same way as access granted on defects we should be able to create rules which automate access control so I guess thats fine

  • Hi  

    I guess you are probably referring to the need to use Data Hiding for hiding attachments of tests from certain roles (as these users can probably run common public tests with attachments they will need to see or even add attachments to the tests during execution). and also, private data can also be included in the test description so in case of tests with sensitive data i would recommend to use data hiding for manual tests (which will entirely hide tests with sensitive data).

    This functionality is already in progress and planned to be released soon.

    let me know if this would help you,