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[Releases] Disregard saturdays, sundays and holidays in sprints

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Needs Clarification
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8 months ago

Hi everyone,

when we create a new release, let's say, with a duration of 1 month and a sprint every 1 week, we see that days like Saturday and Sundays are part of the sprints as working days.

And this is not accurate for us when we have to plan our sprints because we are not having working days on Saturdays and Sundays.

Even with holydays.   So, it will be very useful if we can have a feature like a Custom Calendars ir order to apply an arranged planning without wasting days of our sprints because of weekends (and possible holydays).

This is a view of a Release of month splitted in 4 sprints (by every 1 week).  Then this is what we want.









As you see. we have to delete weekends manually and this is very unconfortable if we have a release with TONS of sprints. Needless to say if we have to disregard holydays.

We will be very appreciated if you can have this idea in mind soon.  This will help us a lot when we have to calculate Velocity times.

Thanks in advance!!

  • Hi  ,

    Thanks for sharing your suggestion with us. Do you mean that days like Sundays and Saturdays appears as a working days in the splints, and you would like to hide them from the calendar view? 

    Since f you configure in the workspace the working days you have the option to define which days are working days (the default is Monday-Friday), and this will impact on:

    • Time-related graphs, such as burn up and burn down graphs, and the Control Chart

    • Story Board: in the WIP limit and card time limit

    • Planning tab of features and backlog items

    You can define it per a team. 

    As for holidays you can check here how to set up your calendar to create events during which users are not available to work on their backlogs. to 

    Please confirm what exactly do you expect to see.