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Remove users from workspace

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

When I want to unassign people from a workspace, this is not easy. I have to unassign from a role and know what role it is. 

I would like a feature to easily remove people from a workspace regardless what role they have there. Is that in the backlog for Octane? Is that possible in another way?

  • We have the exact same problem where the master_workspace is assigned and cannot be deleted.  Going to open a ticket for this issue as well.

  • We opened a ticket for this.

    We added a user to be a Workspace Admin role, and then tried to remove that role from thier account.

    There's a rogue "master_workspace" that keeps appearing as a Workspace Admin. If you delete it, it will reappear automagically.

  • Hello  , when you are viewing the workspace's users list:<sharedspace_id>/<workspace_id>#/settings/workspace/users

    You can search for and deactivate multiple users at a time by using the check box system, then using the drop down click deactivate, or right click on that user. That deactives the user from the workspace, and should help avoid needing to worry about what role they are.