Idea ID: 1790742

Reporting on site analysis & Licence usage

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Currently there is no way to get the report on application usage.

 There should be a solution report on application usage, example of use cases: 
1) Able to view amount of license consume at any point of time (daily/weekly/montly basis or custom date range) 
2) Site analysis on number of logins, test case run, defect created (daily/weekly/montly basis or custom date range) 


  • License usage report is available from withing Site admin -> Licenses tab.

    this functionality was delivered at Octane 12.60 CP11 release

  • The SaaS solution provides you with the actual concurrent licenses consumed per day.

    note that users can open several Octane tabs on the same browser without consuming additional licenses. In addition, after 3 hours of Idle time the license is released automatically (even if the user did not logout).




  • The SaaS solution, max concurrent users, could use a filter to show the max unique concurrent users.

    My users tend to open as many as 5 sessions; working on multiple projects in different spaces, forogt they had a session open, don't log out, etc. I noticed in the logs that I had a lot less unique users than the number of licenses consumed. Biggest issue is these are managers that don't like being asked to logout once in awhile...

  • thank you for your feedback.

    license usage report (max concurrent users per day/weeks/month) is available today for SaaS customers via the API at tenant level. for on-prem customers we are going to provide very soon an api + a widget in the Licenses tab (site admin area) that will show the license usage per site. till this functionality is avialable, you can calulate licese usage (for on-prem) using the following instructions:

    as for number of logins for the site - site admin can view that in the Sessions tab from the site administration area and specify the time frame in which he want to see all the sessions that were opened to Octane. 

    in regards to test case runs, defects created etc - this is all available via the grid filters. in addition we are working on providing a way to generate reports from Octane by selecting the entities in the scope you are interested (all entities created in a certain release for example, test execution during a time frame etc) - so i guess this should answer the request above.

    stay tuned it is coming soon :)