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Requirements module should have a "Backlog coverage" column

Status : Accepted
over 1 year ago

It should be possible to ensure all requirements are covered by some Backlog impossible to see now:(

From the backlog I can connect feature and user stories to requirement with the requirements column.......but the opposite doesn't exist in requirements

br jesper


Backlog Planning
  • thanks - noted this in our requirements FAQ

    Would just be sooo much easier being able to view and update at the same time without having to switch module:)

    br jesper

  • Hi  

    Please note that there are two potentially helpful workarounds right now:
    1. Add a widget in the Overview dashboard - "Features by requirements" and check the option "Include empty columns in graph" to include also the requirements that don't have linked backlog items

    2. Cross filter the requirements grid by "Backlog Implementation is empty"