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Shared backlog Items

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For two big Projects, which are represented in two big (SAFe) workspaces, we have a "shared_services" department that is developing its own monolithic application. This department would like to have its own workspace "shared_Services" in ALM Octane, as it also has to keep its own backlog in addition to the requirements from the two major Projects.

The challenge now is that the backlog items, which originate from  the both Projects, should be visible both in the respective Workspace and in the "shared_Services" Workspace.


Please introduce the "Shared backlog items" analogous to the shared Application module.
In workspaces that are members of shared space you can create this new "shared backlog Item".
Shared backlog items are inherited by all workspaces in the shared space.
Users can create shared backlog items.
Users can relate the shared backlog item to a local Feature.
Only the user, who owns the shared backlog, can modify the item.
By means of a Symbol in the board it should be immediately recognizable that it is a shared backlog item.


  • We are considering supporting more shared entities (e.g. Backlog).

    However,  for supporting Large Solutions of SAFe (namely a collection of systems\programs) we recommend checking the option utilizing the Program level of a workspace.


  • Dear All,


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    Tons of Thanks in advance.