Idea ID: 2685874

Should be able to modify (read/write) Author field in any entities type

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago
Would like to have Author field functioning similar to Owner field where we can change user?
Since there might be various reasons why someone wants to change the author: Could we perhaps change the field to read/write and add a business rule that the author field is read-only by default? Then admins could decide if the field can be changed.
  • Thank you for your feedback. 

    The Author field is read only by design as it should reflect the user that created the entity in Octane. This data should not be changed. The only exception is in case a user is deleted and as part of the right to be forgotten, the system overrides the user data with a reference number.

    To answer your needs, i would suggest to create a UDF (in addition to the system 'Author' field) and call it "created_by" for example. you can set a Business Rule to automatically set the value of this field to the value of the 'Author' field, however, in case needed, this field is editable and you can change the user. You can also set the "created_by" field to be displayed in the user forms instead of the Author field.